"Every Flute Needs A Suit!"
- Christina Smith, Principal Flute
Atlanta Symphony

How to Stay Well Adjusted
Use your Flute Suit ™ when you travel, during weather and season changes, to and from work, when storing your second flute, or whenever your flute needs some extra support.

Now that travel with a flute causes flutists to face the possibility of stashing their flutes in their luggage for air travel (with strict 'carry-on' regulations) Flute Suit™ can give you peace of mind while it provides more than the ounce of prevention it needs!

How Does Flute Suit™ work?
When Flute Suit™ is placed around your flute's body and foot joint, the elastic and Velcro combine to lightly, yet firmly depress the flute keys, thereby giving your flute pads contact with the tone holes and reinforcing the impressions of the pads. With the support from Flute Suit™, your flute pads and adjustments are stabilized, will seal better, and offer the best performance even through periods of possible temperature or humidity fluctuation.

Anne Pollack developed Flute Suit™ in 1994, when she was faced with shipping a newly overhauled flute from her shop in Upstate NY to FL...during a very frigid February! Seeking a solution to the sealing problems that the flute would face - going through such a huge climate change - propelled Anne to design Flute Suit™. In the years since, thousands of flutists have enjoyed the fruits of her brainchild by keeping their flutes stable, and playing well, throughout a myriad of temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Flute Suit™ was designed by Anne Pollack, and tested by the toughest customers...!!

"The Flute Suit™ is one of the best inventions for the flute in recent times, and everyone should own one or two!"
- Sir James Galway

"Whether I am playing a flute every day, or once a year, the Flute Suit™ keeps the pads covering beautifully. A brilliant and practical design."
- Jeanne Baxtresser

"Thanks to Flute Suit™, flutists finally have a have a way to keep their flutes in tiptop adjustment all the time. Shipping through the mail, climate changes, traveling, leaving flutes unplayed for long periods...these are no longer a concern."
- Christina Smith Principal Flute, Atlanta Symphony

"I love my Flute Suit™! My pads have been stable for months and it keeps my flute from rattling around in the case - an added plus!"
- Gary Schocker, Soloist

Flute Suit™ is available for:
Concert Flute (B foot or C foot) -- $50.00
Piccolo -- $45.00
Alto Flute -- $55.00
Flute Suit™ for Wooden Flutes, available as special order.
To place an order, contact us.


"Every flutist should be in a position, therefore, himself to undertake small repairs...."
-Theobald Boehm, from The Flute and Flute Playing

...because, nearly every flutist has had the horrible experience of having their flute playing well in one moment, and not at all in the next! With the sinking feeling in the heart as the realize that they don't have a clue what to do about it!!

In the course of 30 years in the business of keeping flutes playing, Anne Pollack has distilled some of the crucial information of and concepts emergency repair and maintenance into a class that enables the actively playing flutist (and flute teacher as well) to do minor repairs and adjustments of their instruments and their students' instruments.

Anne's background in training Repair Technicians at a major Boston flute maker (as head of the Repair Department) puts her teaching into an accessible and workable approach, regardless of whether a student has any prior experience with repair.

While addressing the most common problems that arise with flutes, the information provided teaches the student to adjust their own flute using the correct tools and techniques and in nearly all cases, get the flute back into playing order... usually within minutes.

The five-hour class is semi-private (set up for 2 students at a time) and usually split into two sessions. There is a hands-on approach, so that the student will understand the principals explained according to their own instrument(s). An Industry Standard set of tools and materials are provided, as well as a specially designed handbook.

Your Tool Kit will include:

  • Bent Needle Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Swiss Scissors
  • Pivot Swivel Screwdriver
  • Pad Feeler Gauge
  • Double end Spring Hook
  • Pin Vise for Gluing Implements
  • Swiss Watchmakers Tweezers
  • Sand Paper, Liquid Shellac, Cork %26 Shims
  • Lubrication, Cleaning and Adjustment Materials
  • Headcork pushing dowel

Some of the topics covered include:

  • ~ Solutions to the most common emergency flute problems.
  • ~ What you can do, and when you can do it in an emergency situation.
  • ~ Head corks...How to remove enlarge and refit. To address problems with projection, vibrancy, pitch and cracking notes.
  • ~ Disassembly and reassembly of flute.
  • ~ Cleanup of mechanism to address stuck, binding or sluggish keys and weak springs.
  • ~ Adjustment and fine tuning of keys.
  • ~ To address keys that are not functioning in synchrony (example: when 1-on-1 Bb does not function due to misadjustment of the left-hand Bb key).
  • ~ Spring tensions and corrections of action...to address unbalanced action and other related issues.
  • ~ Correcting "play" in key...Removing double-action, a/k/a lost motion.

The price of the class is $595.00 which includes Tools, supplies, Repair Handbook and follow-up answers to class related questions. For more information, or to schedule a class please contact us.

This class can be enlarged to satisfy an academic setting, providing an overview of repair and an extensive Q & A for all partipants.


"Anne's basic maintenance class is clearly organized and presented with her customary patience and good humour. I found the class to be a wonderfully informative and useful introduction to flute repair."
Michael Parloff, Principal Flute, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

"What I learned in Anne's repair class has been invaluable in allowing me to make repairs to my flute whenever I am far from her expert care"
Gen Shinkai, NYC Freelance Flutist

"I've put together my flute repair kit and am now feeling armed %26 ready to receive my students' repair issues with more confidence this Fall. I truly am so grateful to you for both the excellent repair of my flute and the repair class which I especially enjoyed. It was invaluable, making it possible for me to learn such practical and important flute repair knowledge for myself and my flute students."
Katherine Prinz, Long Island Flutist and Teacher

"Thank you so much for a really exciting and inspiring two days! The workshop was SO much fun, and finally I got to live out my dream of taking my flute apart."
Sara Rothman, NY/NJ Flutist and Teacher


YOUR FLUTE WORKS has for many years enjoyed the opportunity of collecting flutes that are no longer wanted, donating flute repairs, and offering them to schools that do not have the means to purchase their own instruments.

After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, Anne put out an urgent call. Many flutists very generously donated instruments that Anne repaired and directed to a very hard-hit school: Ben Franklin High School (St. Bernard Parish) in New Orleans...helping to get their band and orchestra up and playing again!

Prior to this, all flute donations were directed to the Kopeia Village School in Ghana...a school for impoverished children in Africa.

Upcoming donations are scheduled to be sent to a center for homeless children in Bahia, Brazil.

If you have a flute you would like to donate, Your Flute Works will perform repairs on the flute and provide you with a document acknowledging your charitable donation.

Your generosity will bring focus, purpose and happiness to a child who would otherwise miss the wonderful opportunity to play the flute!

Contact us regarding any questions or donations.


MESSAGES: 212 459 4451