All flute repairs are customized to meet the specific needs and techniques of each player, and to bring out the best qualities of the instrument. Pollack takes great care to respect the integrity of each flutes' unique qualities. If a player has been experiencing hand, arm or jaw pain, special attention is placed on spring tension, key angles and head joint fit, in order to decrease any undue stress upon the player. All instruments are thoroughly play-tested to insure maximum playing condition. Finally, a warranty is included with each repair, ensuring that any needed follow-up to a repair will be attended to!

Anne Pollack is available for drop-in repairs (by appointment only) on the Upper-West Side of Manhattan or in Yonkers, NY. Call (212) 459 - 4451 to schedule an appointment.

If you are not in the NYC area please call or e-mail to discuss the your needs for your instrument, set up a repair schedule, and arrange for shipping via FedEx.

COA - Clean/Oil/Adjust 
Flute COA - $395
Piccolo COA - $345
Alto Flute COA - $445
Bass Flue COA - $485

(Further costs may be incurred for repairs when involving ripped pads or materials that require replacement).

Repad Flute Felt Pads - $1,090

Repad Flute Straubinger - $1,190

Repad Piccolo Felt Pads - $840

Repad Alto Flute Felt Pads - $1,245

$1375 plus materials (Traditional Pads) - Flute
$1490 plus materials (Straubinger Pads) - Flute
$ 995 plus materials (Traditional Pads only) - Piccolo
$1725 plus materials (Traditional Pads only) - Alto Flute

Please inquire about student rates.


Click here for information about Flute Suits. 


Normal wear and tear on flutes, as well as season and climate changes (for travelers) can make a flute go out-of-adjustment. If your flute is stuffy, having intonation problems, or responding hesitantly, a minor adjustment could bring it back to full vibrance and volume.

  • -check head cork
  • -address minor leaks and shim pads
  • -synchronize key work
  • -fine tune action
  • -correct lost motion
  • -quiet noisy keys


Time required: 30 minutes - 2 hours


All flutes need yearly maintenance. A Clean, Oil and Adjust is the servicing that will bring your flute back to life. To reduce the damage to mechanism and pads, a yearly "COA" will address the requirements of your instrument, bringing the ease back into your playing:

  • -head cork replacement
  • -hand cleaning and tarnish removal from body
  • -flushing out and replacement of key oil
  • -shimming, adjustments, alignment
     and removal of play in keys
  • -action assessment and spring tension resetting
  • -diagnosis and repair of potential future problems
  • -flute case repair and instrument fitting



Flute COA - $395
Piccolo COA - $345
Alto Flute COA - $445
Bass Flute COA - $485

(Further costs may be incurred for repairs when involving ripped pads or materials that require replacement).

Please inquire about student rates.


When a flute is mechanically sound, has relatively new and fresh corks, felt and foam rubber, and is reasonably free of tarnish, it may require Repadding instead of an entire overhaul.

  • -cleaning/reoiling
  • -head cork replacement
  • -pad replacement



Repad Flute Felt Pads - $1,090 
Repad Flute Straubinger - $1,190
Repad Piccolo Felt Pads - $840
Repad Alto Flute Felt Pads - $1,245

Please inquire about student rates.


Most flutists who play full-time require an overhaul every 5-8 years. (For flutes that are played part-time, 8-10 years). This process will bring your flute back to "new" condition.

  • -precision key refitting and alignment, with complete reoiling
  • -hand polishing of keys and body
  • -pad replacement with fine Italian Pads - or -
  • -Straubinger™ Pads available
  • -top-quality cork, felt and/or foam rubber replacement
  • -head cork replacement
  • -dent and scratch removal, soldering and
    reconstruction (as needed)
  • -flute case repair and instrument fitting



$1375 plus materials (Traditional Pads) - Flute
$1490 plus materials (Straubinger Pads) - Flute
 $ 995 plus materials (Traditional Pads only) - Piccolo
$1725 plus materials (Traditional Pads only) - Alto Flute

Please inquire about student rates.


Time required: 2 weeks


Though case repairs are included in COA's, REPADDING JOBS and OVERHAULS, it bears mentioning that every flute is carefully checked for a good fit in the case. If case rebuilding or relining is required, Your Flute Works will make every attempt to restore a flute case in order that it provide the best possible protection for the instrument inside. Matching velvet is employed to build up areas of the case as needed.

Ordering a new case with Your Flute Works can save you money! Let us know your needs, and we will get you the new case you require, at a great price.


Your instrument can be appraised by Anne Pollack (a registered dealer in NYS) to reflect its' current market replacement value. If needed, a fax copy can be sent directly to insurance company to accelerate insurance coverage of instrument.



"Anne Pollack has been the go-to repair person for my flutes for about a decade, providing excellent care that lasts through my touring all over the world. It is saying a lot when your flutes’ mechanism can stand up to different climates (thanks to Anne), but it says more when the quality of your instrument seems to improve with each overhaul.

I am also very impressed with “Your Flute Works” consignment sales capacity, as it made selling an instrument an easy, smooth process. The amount of work put into making a flute top condition for selling purposes will always garner my respect and gratitude."
Valerie Coleman
Founder of Imani Winds, NYC

"A trip to New York is not complete until Anne has worked on my flute and piccolo! Her impeccable work always leaves my instruments ringing beautifully in their sweet spots, breathing an ease of play into the instruments that make them that much more versatile. And, I could not be more grateful for her flexibility of schedule!"
Justin Berrie
Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra

"New Yorkers have been very fortunate to have Anne working right here for so many years. I trust Anne completely with any repair and also learned a lot from her repair class. I am no longer afraid to take apart my flute in an emergency. Thanks, Anne!"
Mindy Kaufman
Flute and Solo Piccolo
New York Philharmonic

"Anne Pollack is a master technician. She has beautifully maintained my flutes since 1991, and I have always found her work to be reliable, sensitive, and complete."
Christina Jennings
Assistant Professor of Flute
University of Colorado at Boulder

"Anne Pollack's work is always top notch. She gives personal attention to every detail and is a perfectionist when it comes to repair. Anne is an excellent technician and caring individual, a gem to work with!"
Donna Orbovich
Assistant Principal Flute
Hong Kong Philharmonic

"Anne Pollack's work is consistently thorough and reliable. I appreciate her attention to detail and her particularly fine sensitivity to the care and repair of older instruments. She is very attuned to her clients needs and is always pleasant, honest and professional."
Katherine Fink
Principal flute of the Brooklyn Philharmonic %26 The New York Pops
A member of the Grammy nominated: Borealis Wind Quintet.

"I am very pleased with the competent service and personalized attention which Anne Pollack consistently provides. Maintaining my flute regularly with Anne gives me the assurance that it will always be playing its best throughout the most demanding of orchestra seasons."
Dianne Winsor
Principal Flute
Orquesta Sinfonica de Castilla y Leon
Valladolid, Spain

"Anne Pollack has the advantage of being both a world class flute technician and a professional with excellent ears. Few people know the flute as she does and are capable of fine tuning an instrument so that it gives it's best to the player. I know I am in expert hands with her and that my flute will play great."
Peter Bacchus
Freelance flutist, Soloist, Composer
Barcelona, Spain

"Anne has been repairing my instruments for more than 15 years. She has turned this craft of flute repair into high art. Whether performing an overhaul on my flute and/or piccolo, or replacing a broken spring or torn pad, Anne's sensitivity, thoroughness and her attention to detail are not only unsurpassed, but a constant in her daily work. She has, each and every time, restored my instruments to perfection. I trust her with my soul."
Karla Moe
(performs with the orchestras of the New York City Opera, American Ballet Theatre and American Symphony) NYC

"Excellent work, done on time."
Vincent Della-Rocca
Woodwind Doubler, Broadway Theater and Studio Recording

"Anne is one of the best. Not only am I satisfied with the work Anne does on my flute, she operates with an incredible bedside manner. MY FLUTE WORKS!"
Conor Nelson
Concerto debut: Toronto Symphony.
Recital Debuts at Tokyo Opera City and Carnegie Hall.

"Anne Pollack has done my work exclusively since the late '80's when I had just returned from playing as Principal Flutist of the Mexico Philharmonic. She has always done terrific work for me! She recently overhauled my flute and it feels like a new flute, and it is such a pleasure to play again. Any time I have had any desperate need of a repair, Anne has always been willing to step in 'in a pinch' and do any kind kind of work that is needed to help me out!"
Lisa Hansen
Concert Flutist, Soloist
Flute Professor at Kane University

"The flute is glorious! Kudos to you again. Thank you so much. You are the best!"
Jimmy Carmenate,
Flutist and Collector
Miami, FL


MESSAGES: 212 459 4451