Verne Q. Powell Flute #943

Powell Flute #943, Made in 1950. Sterling silver, in-line G, Open hole, Hand made, C foot. A=440. Additional B foot built in 2005. Straubinger Pads.

 Warm, traditional Powell sound, with ringing and very present overtones.
This Powell had Straubinger Pads installed without 'retro-fitting' the flute,
so no metal was removed in the process.  The result: an extremely agile,
gorgeous and liquid sounding powerhouse of an instrument.

In excellent condition.
Price:  $10,800
New Price: $9,000

MESSAGES: 212 459 4451

"Anne Pollack has raised the art of flute maintenance to a new level.
Without a doubt, she is the best in her field."

Sir James Galway