Powell Flute #11650 - [SOLD]

Verne Q. Powell 14k Flute - 75th Anniversary Flute

14k gold body and keys, soldered tone holes, .012 tubing, Modern Powell Scale, A-442, French cups, B foot with gizmo, in-line G, Pinless left hand mechanism, 75th Anniversary flute #14, Diamond embedded in barrel and crown, 75th Anniversary engraving on barrel.  Made in 2002.

Straubinger Pads, Mahogany Flute Case, Wirkkala Case Cover.

In perfect condition.
Price:  $31,000

MESSAGES: 212 459 4451

"Anne Pollack has raised the art of flute maintenance to a new level.
Without a doubt, she is the best in her field."

Sir James Galway