Muramatsu 9k Gold Flute #60388 - [SOLD]

9k Gold Head Joint, and body. Silver Keys, Rings, Ribs and Posts. C# Trill, B foot w/gizmo, D# roller. A= 442, .018 Heavy Wall. Extruded Tone Holes. Head joint: Traditional Muramatsu Embouchure Style Cut.

A beautifully resonant tone with a huge first octave, clear and balanced middle, and ringing high register is what makes this 9K Muramatsu so alive! Made in late 2001, its rolled tone holes provide a smooth legato in the sound and also a soft yet fluid feel in the mechanism. Speed, agility, and ease are just a few words that come to mind while playing this flute. #60388 plays like a much heavier 14K flute and yet is lighter in weight and more flexible in rapid playing. 

The sumptuous sound is attributed to the .018, heavy thickness of the bore making this flute perfect for an orchestral player who has the responsibility to project, blend, and everything in between. This flute has had, in recent years, a stunning amount of successful and celebrated exposure on the world stage in solo and chamber music settings. Being sold for Claire Chase, who played this flute extensively over the course of 5 years, during which time she performed more than 500 concerts, made her Carnegie Hall Debut, recorded extensively, and was named a 2012 MacArthur Fellow ... a/k/a as The MacArthur Genius Award. 

Ms. Chase has recently switched to a Platinum Flute. 

The Muramatsu quality is distinctive, as it offers a voluminous sound with a thick, broad core. It is no surprise that Sir James Galway has such a vast history with Muramatsu. The care of the flute has been meticulous and the overall condition of the flute will leave little maintenance for years to come. 

Overhauled in 2012 by Anne Pollack/Your Flute Works, with traditional pads, the flute is in perfect condition with no dings, dents or scratches. 

Price: $17,750


MESSAGES: 212 459 4451

"Anne Pollack has raised the art of flute maintenance to a new level.
Without a doubt, she is the best in her field."

Sir James Galway