Louis Lot Flute #5300 - SOLD

Louis Lot #5300 Silver with 14k Embouchure. In pristine condition.

The Louis Lot is #5300, was made in 1892 by Barat. It is 95. silver (a higher silver content than is the norm with Sterling silver). There are makers marks throughout the instrument. The lip plate and riser are 14k. The specifics of the construction indicate that it is the original lip plate. 

This flute had only two owners, and it seems the first owner played it for one year only, which is why the key work is absolutely pristine. The second owner was Doriot Anthony Dwyer. As you can imagine, she loved it and played it, but it was not her "work flute." It is, however, a highly playable flute, with an exquisite sound. Lilting, and deep, colorful and intensely expressive. 

The sole alterations that were been done to this flute since it was built was to shorten the head joint. Also when the pads were replaced the original pad screws were swapped for standard brass screws with silver washers (like old Powell flutes have). 

The seamed head joint was shortened to be played A=440 from the original  A=435. 

The foot joint key work has the tear-drop shaped D# lever, which is quite lovely. The foot joint key construction does not include the pinned section that earlier Louis Lots have. This flute was one of the earlier Louis Lots to have the more modern foot joint key arrangement, which is a plus, as the pinned Louis Lots often have issues with instability. 

Of any Louis Lot we have come across it is in the best condition of all. The original "flash plating" is intact, and there is not a single ding, dent or scratch on this instrument. 

Pricing upon request.


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Sir James Galway