William S. Haynes Platinum Flute #48000 - [SOLD]

William S. Haynes Platinum Flute #48000. Hand Made, C foot, with: 14k Gold Lip Plate and Riser. Silver Crown, Rings, Tone Holes and Keys. Open Holed Keys.

Haynes Platinum Flute #48000 is an outstanding example of the unusual and mystical qualities of platinum...the fabled metal that is: 'density 21.5.' Not for no reason did Varese write the 12-tone piece by that name, using a dynamic range from ppp to fff...simply put: this particular Haynes was built to handle those extremes, and everything in between. 

It has a nearly acrobatic quality as intervallic jumps are achieved with such ease, power and intensity...it feels as if the flute has a life of its own. Despite the essence of platinum (which can sometimes be described as 'cool') there is a warm presence and gorgeous roundness at the center of the sound which is utterly alluring...and a sonic halo around the center of the sound that literally excites the air. A fabulous instrument! 

Price: $39,500
New Price: $20,000


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"Anne Pollack has raised the art of flute maintenance to a new level.
Without a doubt, she is the best in her field."

Sir James Galway