Brannen-Cooper Silver Flute #2065-SOLD

Brannen-Cooper Flute #2065, all Sterling Silver. Pitched at A =442, .016 Tubing Thickness, French Style Key Cups, in-line G, C# Trill, B/C Convertible Footjoint, w/ low B gizmo and D# Roller, G insert. Brogger Acoustic, Brogger Mekanik. "Classic" style silver headjoint with 14k riser.

Made in 1992, the luminous and intense quality inherent in the sound of this Brannen-Cooper will bring enormous strength to an orchestral flute section, or as a solo instrument. Fully loaded with nearly every possible extra, one would feel particularly well-equipped for any musical challenge playing #2065.

Extremely secure pitch, and great consistency in each register, the agile quality of this flute make for a wonderful sense of freedom and ease in the playing. Good dynamic range and comfortable articulation with a warm glow brought to the sound by the touch of gold in the 14k riser.

With exceptionally good care taken of this flute, it is hard to believe it has been a full-time working instrument since its beginning. Having had a history of being owned by one of NYC's top Orchestral/Recording/ Broadway musicians, and subsequently owned by a Principal flutist in a major orchestra, it boasts an important provenance.

Overhauled with traditional pads a few years ago, there will be no need for another overhaul for many years to come, as the pads and mechanism are in perfect condition.

In excellent condition, with no dings, dents or scratches.

Price: $11,000