Brannen-Cooper Silver Flute #942 -[REDUCED]

Brannen-Cooper Silver Flute #942. B foot, Hand Made, In-line G, Newly overhauled.

Brögger Mekanik with Traditional Akoustic.  A=440 Hand made, B Foot Joint (with no gizmo). .016 Body  In-line G.  Made in 1987. Three-digit Brannen Flutes are a rare find...and this one is a treasure! This instrument, in perfect condition, has a beautiful quality in all registers, great intonation,and an excellent mechanism.

Newly overhauled with Straubinger Pads.

Price Reduced To:  $10,000


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"Anne Pollack has raised the art of flute maintenance to a new level.
Without a doubt, she is the best in her field."

Sir James Galway